What to Look for in a Reliable Dry Cleaner

Choosing a good dry cleaner is important, as most of us own clothes which need dry cleaning. There are various different ways to assess how good a dry cleaning place is. One should take note about the level of customer services provided, how quick they clean your clothes, what your clothing looks like once they have finished, and any extra services on offer. Also, you should consider a green dry cleaning service, which uses carbon dioxide, instead of harsh chemicals.

Customer service is valued by everyone, so you need to take note on how friendly the staff is, not to mention knowledgeable and helpful. Do they, for example, take note of any special requests? Every good dry cleaner should emphasize cleanliness by making sure their storefront is clean, as no one wants to take clean clothes passed over dirty counters.

Timeliness is also important when a dry cleaning service gives a specific time to pick up your clothing, then they should be ready at this time. Furthermore, your clothes should be neat and have no stains. They must smell and look clean and be properly pressed. They should also note if a stain was hard or impossible to remove.

Some washing service cleaners offer free mending, however, not all, most will charge a fee for this. Because clothes are subject to tears, a dry cleaner needs to provide these services. Tailoring services are an extra bonus. And any clothing that is given to cleaners should be given back in the same condition it was received. Dry cleaners should never charge for any damages which were incurred while in their facility. So should a button come off in the machine, then the cleaners are responsible for reattaching it.

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